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(2019-08-27 09:33:42)


分类: 生活文娱
Joyful Way-place 227 Why Can not Let Go After Seeing Through the World?

By Longmawx·Wangyongqiang




甲: 要想活得自在,你就要学会自在地生活。

乙: 这个,我知道。看透了,就放下。

甲: 嗯,大家都会说这句,问题是如何做到。

乙: 是呀,这个说说容易,做到真难啊!

甲: 那么,它难在哪里呢?

乙: 首先就是“怎么叫做看透?看到什么程度是看透?”

甲: 比如说你吧,你如何能看透你女朋友呢?又怎样放下她呢?

乙: 这个问题太真实,太现实,太敏感了,也太性感了。

甲: 修道嘛,没有禁区,与一切法都应该没有障碍呀。在这个问题上你若透过去了,道业必成啊!

乙: 非常惭愧,我在此问题上,彻底失败了。

甲: 不要紧,你的失败比成功对大家更有借鉴意义。我听你说过的,你不是早就看透这个事了吗?

乙: 嗨,看也看了,透也透了,那没有用呀。

甲: 怎么回事?

乙: 你想,我与她见面时,我的确把她看透了,我的眼光穿透了她的衣服,看到了她的皮肤的颜色,还看到她的形体美,就在这一刻,我就被她散发的魔力所征服了,后来就成了她的老公了。

甲: 你说谎吧?你确定,当初你真的看透了她?

乙: 当然。我以人格担保。

甲: 你呀,根本就没有看透,技术上存在很大的问题。你要是重新看,结果一定大相径庭。而且,你根本没有功力和法门去看透世间,却言“看透”,此乃一大妄语也!(注意:看不是观!)

乙: 是什么技术问题?

甲: 你的穿透力只是透过了衣服,到达了皮肤这一层,再往里,你的功率就不足了。

乙: 换了你怎么看?

甲: 我要是你,就进一步聚精会神,穿透那层皮肤

乙: 你是不是太过分了?

甲: 过什么分?这叫白骨观想法。你再往里透过皮肤后,是什么?再美的人,再干净的人,也禁不起这样看。

乙: 那是呀,再往里看,就是你所说的“皮包屎”了,什么东西也禁不住你这样看呀!人都一样呀,肚子里都是屎。

甲: 这样看透了,你对她的疯狂会不会歇息呢?

乙: 我也试过这种法门,对我还是不能奏效。

甲: 为什么?

乙: 我接着自然地用了人间的辩证法,想到,人都具两面性的,我既然能接着她好的方面,怎么就不能接受她不好的方面呢?这样一想,一切看透的功德瞬间烟消云散了。

甲: 嗯,你说的,还真有道理。我现在怀疑,这个看透的说法有很大的问题,不是究竟的法门。

乙: 那我们应该怎样看?

甲: 你想,你做到看透了,还是放不下,是因为透了之后,那个结果不究竟啊!她还是那么美,那么有魔性,是吧?

乙: 的确。

甲: 所以,我提倡的法门是“观空”,这才是究竟的实战法门。当你看透她的时候,应该“观照性空”。别说她了,任何人,任何事物都难逃“性空”的本质和命运!你所看到的任何一相,一性,当下皆空。美貌性感和富贵皆禁不住---空观,一空,你放不下的,也能放下。

乙: 让我现在就试一下(乙开始进入状态,回顾前尘)。嗯,管用!可是,这样一观想,我对谁都失去了感觉了,那以后,我就很难结婚了。

甲: 你是怕这个呀。好,容易。我这还有一个法门:

乙: 快说,什么法门?

甲: 你先观空,接着就“观有”!

乙: 嗯,我这一观有,她又像天女一样可爱了,可我又掉进了她魔性的陷阱了。

甲: 还有一招儿,你赶快用上吧。

乙: 什么招儿?

甲: 从“观有”到“观幻”!

乙: 嗯,我这样一观“幻”,她对我的态度马上就不好了,好像我们难以长相厮守啊!

甲: 恭喜!你观出成就了。




A If you want to live easily, you should know how to face your life.

B:  I knew it, that is to see through and let fall.

A:  Now every one would know to say it but the important is to have it done.

B:  Yes, it is easier said than done.

A:  Then, what’s the key point?

B:  First, What is called seeing through? At what level was it regarded as “see through”?

A:  Take your girlfriend for example, how did you see her through and how to let fall?

B:  What problem you arose is too realistic, sensitive and sexy.

A:  There is no any forbidden zone for a practicer.

B:  Very ashamed, I lost in this sort of matter thoroughly.

A:  Doesn’t matter, your failure is more meaningful than victory, it was said for me that you have already seen that sort of thing.

B:  Yes, indeed, seeing is done and penetrated as well, but no use to me.

A:  Why was the thing like that?

B:  You see, I have seen through her when we meeting each other at first time, and my eye light penetrated her clothes and reached on her skin, so I saw her skin color and her curves of convex-concave on her body, at that moment, I was defeated by her magical power and later I became her husband.

A:  You are lying. Are you sure that you have seen through her?

B:  Of course.

A:  You did not, there is a big problem in technique. If you will see her again the outcome would be very different. Moreover, you aren’t able to see through and have no any dharma door to do so, but you yet said that you have seen through, this saying is certainly a great lie.

B:  What is the problem?

A:  Your penetrating force is not sufficient, it just reached at level of skin, further layer, your power is not enough to penetrate.

B:  If I were you, how do you do it?

A:  If I were you, I will focus my spirit on the seeing and go through her skin…

B:  You are too excessive.

A:  This method is called “Dharma door of the contemplation for white bone”. If you see toward the inside further, no matter what things and beautiful girls, they will be all defeated by this contemplating.

B:  Yes, If you see further to inside one’s body, there are no thing good but the shit .

A:  If the matter is like that, will your crazing for her go down?

B:  I have tried this Dharma door but no effect for me.

A:  Why?

B:  Because the materialistic dialectics was so rooted in my mind that I always applied it spontaneously when I think about her, we should receive both aspects of her, the good and bad, with that manner, I soon fell in love with her.

A:  Ohm, I doubted about what you have said about the meaning of “seeing through”, your seeing through had a big problem.

B:  So, what is right way to see that?

A:  You see, if you saw something through truly you should let it fall. Now you can not put it down, simply because you did not see through it or the extent of your seeing through is not ultimate, so no matter how you see her, she is still beautiful and magical.

B:  Yes.

A:  So I recommend that you should seeing some void or contemplate empty. Everything can not avoid the “emptiness in its nature”. As long as you contemplate with this way, any beautiful woman and wonderful things will no longer be attractive.

B:  Let me try it (B began to enter the state of contemplating), yes, works, but if I do it this way I will lose the feeling to anyone, so I will be difficult to marry.

A:  Needn’t worry about it, there is another method for you.

B:  What is that?

A:  You can first contemplate something void and then do it having.

B:  Okay, she is lovely like a heaven maid when I contemplated her with thinking having. But I fell into the trap of her sexy magic again.

A:  Don’t worry about that, I have another technique for you.

B:  What?

A:  You contemplate it from having into delusion.

B:  I contemplate with this delusion her love to me will not last longer, it seemed we would not mate well in the future.

A:  congratulations! You succeeded this time.



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